Welcome to Lifetimes – an investigation of fast and slow clothes and fast and slow rhythms of use. Lifetimes is about the creative connections between fashion clothes, time and sustainability and was carried out by Kate Fletcher and Mathilda Tham of Goldsmiths College and funded by the UK's Arts and Humanities Research Board.

In Lifetimes, we ask questions about the relationships you have with the contents of your wardrobe. We ask about the way you use your clothes and how long they last. We ask about fashion and how we can start relationships between fashion, clothes and consumers that promote ecological thinking and sustainability.

For too long environmentalists have treated fashion as an irrelevance, an unnecessary extravagance and the chief cause of escalating consumption levels. We think that this neglects the power and influence of fashion (for good as well as bad). And for too long the fashion sector has been indifferent to what happens to a garment beyond the point of purchase. We think that transforming people's relationships with their clothes can empower them, fuel personal creativity and reduce environmental impact.

Find out more about the background to fast and slow clothes by exploring the context section. Explore the rhythmic future for clothes in Clothing Rhythms, Scenarios and Gallery.