One night wonder

One night a glamour queen, another a fashion butterfly... short-wear party tops have short lives, like the paper dresses of the 60s and experimental wedding dresses of today. These garments have a low impact production profile, fastidiously avoiding the use of virgin materials and keeping the amount of material in the garment to a minimum. They are easily disposable or recyclable and are included in take back schemes. The cost of recycling or the impact of disposal is included in the price and a deposit paid back to the customer when she returns the garment. New trends emerge around themes of temporary beauty and ornate yet transient garments.

In contrast to the ultra-disposable party top, the one-night wonder is also the ultra-covetable vintage piece and is perfect to rent, as it's desired for reasons of 'fashion' and 'occasion' and not for sentimental value. Just like celebrities borrow designer gowns or jewellery for film premiers, 'ordinary' people could rent a desired garment for a time. The rental shop is organised like a ordinary high street shop and takes influences from lifestyle concepts such as Colette, Paris or vintage shops, thus answering the growing trend for one-offs and individual choice.