Fancy pants

Above all comfortable, basic underwear 'saves' other garments from bodily dirt and smells, it acts as the sacrificial layer that is washed often and changed daily. Underwear is either disposable or designed for low impact laundering. Disposable knickers are not ugly NHS-surplus, but are soft, delicate and lacy, laser cut to precision. They are made from a low impact fabric (such as a nonwoven cellulose) and are coloured only with readily degradable pigments. They are supplied in bulk and come complete with a Wormery to rapidly transform your undergarments into compost.

Low impact laundering for the non-disposables takes the form of advice on spot cleaning, 'freshening up', correct dosing of detergents and how long to leave clothes in the washing basket before washing to facilitate stain and smell removal. This advice comes neatly interwoven with the design of the underwear in the form of storage bags, ribbons and labels... one not complete without the other.