Who wears the trousers?

New trousers are made from materials that age well and have the flexibility to adapt to the wearer over time. Rather than designing this garment to look 'worn' or 'distressed', this is up to the user... over time, her own pain (they need to be broken in), marks and scuffs build up a web of affection and story around the trousers which means she wants to keep them forever.

But if she wants to buy them ready 'worn', then she buys second hand. Several high street brands such as H&M and Top Shop already offer second hand clothes in their ordinary shops and this would be rolled out across the High Street. So dragging the charity shop treasures out of smelly jumble sales and into a trendy/exciting/classy setting to be mixed and matched with new items. This is accompanied by a High Street patching service that smartens, cleans up and extends the life of these 'friends'.

Stories are a big part of the trousers' past and future. They remind her of falling in love/that night out in Berlin/eating chips on Brighton Pier. The story also promotes low impact maintenance. A detailed, yet easy-to-follow set of instructions printed on deliciously tactile labels in the pockets remind you to wash on low temperatures and 'freshen-up' in a steamy room.