Great coat

The coat is produced in enduring virgin material with high quality finishing, accessories and tailoring. Rather than resisting all signs of wear and tear, the fabric ages gracefully and fits like the proverbial glove. The coat has a definite yet flexible design and comes with spare buttons, thread and swatches of material for mending and an on-going relationship with the designer/store to restyle or refit the coat. The fashion company offers new accessories according to trends, updating the coat through the seasons. Other long-wear coats are designed as modular systems where parts are acquired and discharged according to the customer's desire.

The coat comes with meticulous instructions of maintenance attached, well designed labels and packaging, a history of its origin including who designed it, where and what the inspiration was and where it was made so as to help crystallise a life-long relationship between user and garment. Advice on how to rid the coat of 'pub smells' and how to keep it in shape, along with a storage bag, hanger and cedar block to deter moths are designed into the coat.