Dress it up; style it new

Just like she did when she was small (but now the clothes fit!), dressing up sessions help her get re-acquainted with the lost garments at the back of the wardrobe and so cut consumption. Rather than flying into a morning panic of trying on outfits until one 'works', or resorting to the same personal uniform, knowing (and falling in love all over again with) the contents of her wardrobe means that it feels newer and can be used with more variation, so avoiding buying more.

The dressing-up session is recorded with images or sketches to remember successful outfits. For some a stylist may be needed to assist, or for others an evening with friends does the trick. These images are taken shopping where new outfits combine more successfully with ones she has already. Stylists creatively re-fashion existing outfits with belts, brooches, lace and scissors to 'stretch' the wardrobe. Or they suggest modifications or re-styling. In recent years personal stylists have become a common phenomenon in both mainstream (such as Top Shop) and exclusive (such as Selfridges) retail. To extend this service beyond the department store' goods and into the homes of users may be a way of extending the fashion offer into immaterial territory.