Who we are

The Lifetimes research team was made up of Kate Fletcher and Mathilda Tham of Goldsmiths College, University of London and a host of lovely participants: Lucy Batchelor, Kate Goldsworthy, Emma Holmqvsit, Annelise Kramer, Sarah Pennington, Laura Potter, Toni Spencer. Thank you so much to you all!

Kate Fletcher

Kate's work starts from a participative ecological worldview, explored in the context of design and specifically, textile and fashion design. Over the last ten years this work has been a mix of research, consultancy, design practice and teaching with multinationals, NGOs and independent designers. Kate has published on such issues as sustainable consumption, sustainable aesthetics as well as a large number of papers on ecological design and textiles. In 1999 Kate completed her PhD in design, sustainability and the UK textile industry and for the past five years has been a Lecturer in EcoDesign at Goldsmiths College. Her main research interest revolves around exploring the potential of ecological thinking in the design, development and use of our clothes.


Mathilda Tham

Mathilda's work is situated in the space between trend forecasting, sustainability and fashion. In her ongoing PhD project at Goldsmiths Design department she explores how trend forecasters may be helpful in empowering environmental work in the fashion industry. With a background in fashion design, over the past ten years she has worked as a trendforecaster, advising a variety of organisations from advertising agencies to non-profit organisations on consumer habits and lifestyle issues. Mathilda is a frequent lecturer at Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm and a visiting tutor and lecturer in eco-design at Goldsmiths College.


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